The hardest parts of cross training is knowing what  to actually do.


Lucky for you, Jess has it figured out pretty well! See her offering from

Cross Training/ Return to Run for Injured Runners

Price: $150 USD/month $195 CAD/month

Dealing with training during a period of injury can be TOUGH to navigate.


Luckily, Jess is a pro at maintaining fitness during injury! She will create a custom cross training and/or return-to-running plan and strength specialist Faye Stenning will prescribe mobility and accessory exercises to supplement your rehab.


-One call to get to know you and your injury story, capabilities, and limitations

-Customized 4 week program including cross training workouts and/or a return-to-run protocol to maintain pre-injury fitness and return to running safely

-Accessory exercises including mobility and stability work to complement your rehab work

-Program adjustments made as needed​.

For specific requests such as general programming for teams or clubs, contact Jess directly  at

For custom online run + strength coaching, visit our sister site Grit Coaching